Amsterdam – Jordaan

Amsterdam is a great place to grab some colourful street and architectural photos with its historic narrow houses by the canals. A destination thats much more than the ‘coffee shops’ and the red light district.

Shot in Jordaan District with Fuji XT20 and Fuji 23mm F2
Shot with an Olympus Mju Zoom with Kodak Pro Image 100 film around the Jordan District

Every time that I have been to Amsterdam, Jordaan is a great place to get lost on foot as there is less bike traffic and the pace is more of a casual stroll.

The Pancake Bakery is pretty close to the Anne Franks House. It is quite cosy within the restaurant and very busy, it’s pretty normal to be queuing outside. But the pancakes are huge and come in sweet or savoury toppings. I had to share one with my wife as I couldn’t manage to tackle one by myself!

We stumbled upon Black and Blue while looking for a place to relax as everywhere was full. It is a little bit off the main street so even on a busy day, we manage to get a table for four. It is a little bit more expensive but not too much more from other places in that area. The steak was nicely cooked and even had macaroon with my coffee! It had a very chilled out vibe during the lunchtime period.

Somewhere in the Jordaan District shot with Fuji XT20 and the Fuji 23mm F2

One thing you can’t go wrong in Holland is to try their fries and bitterballen, they are excellent wherever you go. I’m struggling to find chips in the UK that are as good as the ones I had in Holland, they seem to triple fry their fries as standard. Bitterballen is like croquette, with a gooey soft centre of meat! Herring is also a must if you are not afraid of seafood. Found in food stalls totted around Amsterdam. Traditionally Herring is served with raw onions and pickles. If you like fish, you will love it!

Bitterballen and fries.

Amsterdam Noord

Amsterdam Noord is unique to the usual Amsterdam vibe. It’s an up and coming artistic district with lots of hipster bars and restaurants. You can get there with a free ferry ride from Amsterdam Centraal Station.

A’dam Lookout with crazy people swinging off the edge… Shot with Fuji XT20 with Fuji 23mm F2

The main attraction in the north is the A’dam Lookout, where you can swing over the edge of the tallest building in Amsterdam!! Safely on the ground is The Butcher Social Club where you can chill with a burger and cocktail while everyone else crams into the Lookout.

All using Fuji XT20 and the 23mm F2

Also of note if you want to see the city from high above – You don’t need to go to the Noord, you can get a free view by going to the Sky Lounge which is above the Hilton Hotel, east of Amsterdam Centraal Station. Well, I say free…. it would be rude not to grab a coffee or a cocktail up there…

The view from the Sky Lounge, shot with Fuji XT20

Impressive graffiti and interesting buildings characterise the NDSM area of the Noord. Amongst the cool bars and eateries is Pllek. Accessed from either the shore front or through its shipping container side entrance. Pllek is made out of old shipping containers.. It does get very busy in there as it has a nice panoramic view of the river.

Side Entrance to Pllek

In the Artist area in NDSM

An extra note for the film photographer – If you go to the Noord during the first weekend of each month they have one of Europes largest flea markets. You might be able to stumble on some rather cool film cameras for quite good prices. I manage to grab something while I was there…..